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Surrounding Area


Bundala Bird Sanctuary:

Bundala National Park,located about fifteen kilometers east of Hambantota, is considered as one of Sri Lanka's primary destinations for birdwatchers, shielding an important area of coastal wetland famous for its abundant aquatic birdlife.

The park is also home to significant populations of elephants, Marsh & estuarine crocodiles, turtles & other fauna, including the leopard. Stretching along the coast east of Hambantota, the Park is ideal for instant gratification: in a four hour jeep ride, you can witness elephants, 8 feet crocs, giant squirrels & flamingoes. Afternoon safaris in the dry season (December - May) also provide visitors with the best chance of seeing the best of wildlife in Bundala.

Lunugamvehera Park:

Lunugamvehera National Park is the immediate catchment of the Lunugamvehera reservoir and is the adjoining stretch of forests of famous Yala National Park. Located just 17 kilometers from Kirinda, Lunugamvehera National Park can be accessed via the ancient religious city of Tissamaharama or the next National conservation of UdaWalawe.

Protection of this catchment area is considered paramount to maintain the water levels of other reservoirs downstream like KirindiOya River and wetland characteristics of Bundala National Park as well.

Little Basses Reaf Light House:

Located at the northern end of Little Basses Reef, off the Southern East coast of Sri Lanka, Little Basses Reaf Light Housecan be seen from the beach at Yala. Diving excursions to the reefs can be arranged from places such as Kirinda and Yala. The diving season in this area is from November to April.
The Light House contains two very quick white flashes every 10 seconds and ranges to 27 nautical miles.


KirindaFishery Harbour is located surrounding historical places like Sithulpawwa, Tissamaharamaya and Kataragama. The harbor is also located at close vicinity to the Yala and Bundala National Parks.
Kirindaharbour is used as a transit harbour for craft fishing in Sri lanka’sEaster coast.

Kirinda Lagoon:

Kirinda Lagoon also known as “KirindaLewaya” is situated just 500 meters away from the Caravan Village, and is considered one of the strong destination spots simply due to the breath taking views. One such significant view is the view of sunrise over the Kirinda Lagoon.