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We offer the best adventure experiences that can last for many years in your mind. One of the ultimate adventures is travelling by a four-wheel drive with an experienced driver and tracker through Yala.

Nature Trails

We offer the opportunity to journey on a nature trail through Yala and it’s surrounding, only for those who want more than a simple walk in Sri Lanka’s richest natural habitat.

Wildlife Safari

Yala is the only place where you can experience the real Wildlife safari in Sri Lanka. The Caravan Villageprovides a Common Jeep Service to facilitate this need together with few other expedition experts and tour guides. You are simply exposed to the wilderness where all types of animals that roam in this jungle could be sighted.

Bird Watching

The Caravan Village is situated with close proximity to some of the best places in the world to watch birds.

Bundala National Park is just a half an hour drive from the Village and you can enjoy the unique opportunity of seeing some rare breed of species that you have never witnessed. It is reported that there are over 197 species of bird both migratory and endogenous; over 383 plant species and over 324 species of vertebrates living in this 6216 hectare park.

Kumana is a well-known bird sanctuary situated in the Yala East and spreads over 35,664 hectares. It is a place where the birds breed and roost and this had made the place famous among bird watchers. During the months of April- July one could see many species of birds that flew over to reach the Kumana Park.


If you prefer cycling but aren't so keen on struggling with uphill climbs, there are many interesting trails that can take you through the beautiful landscape of Yala. And for those seeking more of a challenge, Yala can again offer a number of steeper trails that are only suitable for more experienced mountain bikers. Whatever your experience and fitness level, Yala has something for everyone who wants to take part in the exciting activity of cycling and mountain biking.The Caravan Village can arrange trips moving from one location to another and can cater to any of the above to suit your desires.


Yalaoffers some excellent places to trek in an unusual environment, characterized by forest patches, grasslands and some high-altitude vegetation.This provides you an excellent base from which to try out a wide variety of trekking tours through jungle, across paddy fields and Burma bridges.



We have activities catering to any age category. Activities range from great water sporting activities to even exciting outdoor activities organized along the coast. We can assure that you are able to spend your leisure time in the best possible manner.

4WD Jeep Adventure

The 4WD Adventure is naturally made for the off the road adventure lovers.Yala jungles are famous among the ‘off-the-road’ adventurers owing to its natural inheritance. The KumbukkanOya which dries away during the dry season making way for dusty red dirt trails convert its surrounding into a swamp ideal for 4WD jeep safaris during the rainy season.

Jet skiing

You would want to experience the Southern Coastal Delight with great water sporting activities. Jet Skiing at Kirinda is one of those exciting delights that you can experience in the coastal area. Regardless to whether you are a beginner who just wants to get around without too many falls or a well-seasoned water-sports fan, you are definitely guaranteed a good time.

All-Terrain Vehicle Rides

You can altogether experience this new sensational motorsport event in the beach of Kirinda. It’s hardly a sport for the cleanly and it doesn’t lend itself well to people looking for a relaxing ride through nature.

Wall Climbing

An exciting event catered only for those who are energetic. Yala Caravan Village provides an artificial structure that attempt to mimic the experience of outdoor rock so that you can get a thrilling experience on Wall Climbing.

High Rope Course Adventures

This fun and challenging activity is tailor made only for the ones who want to get rid of their fears. Look no further! Yala Caravan Village’s High Rope Course offers you a life time experience in the most excited way.

Adventure Rope Bridge

A fun and challenging activity formed to test your outdoor skills whilst conquering your fears. Look no further! Yala Caravan Village’s Adventure Rope Bridge offers your team or family a unique opportunity to experience the unforgettable. The rope bridge built upon excellent condition will definitely guarantee to give you a little thrill!!

Target shooting with Air Pistol and Rifle

Yala Caravan Village have both air rifles and air pistols available for you to explore one of the best shooting activities. The instructor would give you a full briefing on how to use the gun safely and the correct method of shooting. Our rifles all have telescopic sights to make aiming a little bit easier.

For both the rifles and pistols there are a number of different targets.Once you have had your practice shots then you need to decide whether to aim for the easy targets or go for the harder but higher scoring targets.

Remote Control Car and Air Craft Rides

Remote Control Cars can be accessed from Yala Caravan Village to ride along the coastal beach side at Kirinda. This is a great opportunity for all teenage and adults who would love to gain a new experience altogether.

Yala Caravan Village also offers exciting Air Craft Rides, which includes a Helicopter service, and gives you arare glimpse over one of the world’s richest tourist destination.

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball can be played in the beautiful coastal sands of Kirinda; and is just a hop, step and jump away from Yala Caravan Village. This can be a great way to spend your leisure time whilst being with your friends at the Caravan Village.


Kirinda is a traditional fishing village which boasts the long lasting cultures of both karadiya (sea water) and miridiya (fresh water) fishing traditions. You can experience a typical day of a Fisherman and get to know their day to day life at Kirinda. Drying fish for karavala (dry fish) is yet another exciting activity that you can witness whilst being at this rich coastal side village.


A mini Golf Coast has been designed to fulfill your desired need which includes providing a caddie per player, assisting you in ways such as giving you the correct line on your tee shot or curial put and providing ball spotters who find your balls quickly. If you want to fancy combining the adventure or Sri Lankan beach life experience with a “Golfing” holiday in Sri Lanka, then you have certainly chosen Yala Caravan Village as the right place.

Diving & Surfing

Kirinda has been rated as one of the best sites for diving & surfing. World famous science fiction Arthur C Clarke pioneered in keying in Kirinda on the Sri Lankan map with his diving exploration written book “The Treasure of the Reef”. It’s only a five-minute walk from the Caravan Village to dive & surf into an experience of combination of strong tides, watching many species of fish including, angel-fishes, rays, giant maori wrasses, porpoises, gray sharks and tuna.

You would definitely not want to miss this rare breed of experience provided by Yala Caravan Village.