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About Yala Caravan Village


Yala at a Glimpse:

Yala National Park,is one of Sri Lanka's leading eco-tourism destinations.Most tourists and visitors come to Yala to gain the best wildlife adventure. Yala’s rich ecosystems includes moist monsoon forests, dry monsoon forests, grasslands, fresh water & marine wetlands, and sandy beaches.

In the southeast, the Park is surrounded by the sea. The natural beaches and sand dunes provide a beautiful environment. This is surely one of the most remarkable seascapes of Sri Lanka. Far out at sea are two lighthouses which are named as the great and little basses. Yala has always been renowned for the viewing of wildlife animals and bird life.

Sri Lanka continues to boast this natural reserve and even in the recent times Yala has been the centre of attraction to many documentaries such as BBC and Discovery Channel.

Yala Caravan VillagePvt Ltd:

If it’s the ultimate wildlife experience or a typical relaxed Sri Lankan beach life you’re looking for in the extreme comfort, “Yala Caravan Village” is then the definite choice for you. Yala Caravan Village is more than just a Caravan Village. The Caravan Park is situated by the coastal side of Gurugoda, Palatupana,Kirinda and just 5 kilometers away from Yala National Park.

The key attraction of this place is its unique location and surroundings. The Caravan Park provides a perfect strike of balance for any of the tourists, travelers and visitors. Bundala Bird Sanctuary, Lunugamvehera Park, Little Basses Reaf Light House, KirindaHarbour and Kirinda Lagoon are just few exciting sites that you can experience whilst being here. This as a result makes our camp one of the strongest tourist and travel attraction places in Sri Lanka.